Lecture Slides

In this page we plan to publish a number of lecture slides accompanying most (if not all) chapters of the book. If you are a game AI course lecturer and you wish to contribute to the following list of slide decks feel free to us your own slides at gameaibook [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

  1. Introduction ([ppt][pdf] or [ppt][pdf])
  2. AI Methods (in Games)
    • Ad-hoc Behavior Authoring [ppt][pdf]
    • Tree Search [ppt][pdf]
    • Evolutionary Computation [ppt][pdf]
    • Supervised Learning [ppt][pdf]
    • Reinforcement Learning [ppt][pdf]
    • Unsupervised Learning [ppt][pdf]
    • Hybrid Algorithms [ppt][pdf]
  3. Playing Games ([ppt][pdf] or [ppt][pdf])
  4. Generating Content [ppt][pdf]
  5. Modeling Players [ppt][pdf]
  6. Game AI Panorama
  7. Frontiers of Game AI Research

Book Figures and Graphs

All figures of the book are also freely available for use in powerpoint and pdf